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Legal Information


The Sarala Bathena Foundation is committed to providing general and high-level information on legal matters, including terms and conditions. It is important to note that the information provided on this page is intended for general guidance only and should not be considered as legal advice. As the specifics of each website's terms and conditions may vary, it is recommended to seek professional legal advice to ensure the creation of comprehensive and tailored terms and conditions for your business.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

At the Sarala Bathena Foundation, we recognize the significance of Terms and Conditions (T&C) as a crucial component in defining the legal parameters governing interactions between website visitors or customers and the website owner. T&C are designed to establish the legal relationship between the website visitors and the website owner, and are tailored to the specific needs and nature of each website. For instance, websites involved in e-commerce transactions will have distinct T&C compared to those solely providing information.

Key Components of T&C

In general, Terms and Conditions often address a wide range of issues including user eligibility, payment methods, the website owner's right to modify offerings, warranties provided to customers, intellectual property rights, and the website owner's authority to suspend or terminate member accounts. For a more comprehensive understanding, we invite you to explore our article on 'Creating a Terms and Conditions Policy'.

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