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Our story ​

The Sarala Bathena Foundation became an official 501C non-profit in 2014, but fundraising activities that promote its mission started back in 2007. Sarala was diagnosed with late stage renal carcinoma in the summer of 2003 and she passed away in 2006, 2 days shy of her 46th birthday. She was a selfless woman that always put others first. She always had a passion for helping children in need and it definitely pained her to see children dealing with cancer, whenever she was in the hospital getting tests, treatments or care. Those 3 years were very difficult for the whole Bathena family and their extended family, but they at least had the financial resources to give her the best care possible and they exhausted every option that was out there

The Bathena’s started thinking about families that didn’t have the luxury to give their loved ones the best care and they wanted to help. They started hosting annual wine tasting events in 2007 and the proceeds from the first 2 years were used to start the Sarala Bathena Cancer Patient Care Fund at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Foundation. The Foundation also started hosting an annual golf outing in 2010 and these 2 events have helped us raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, over the years. We have donated money to such diverse organizations as Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, Ashley Lauren Foundation, Red Cross of India, Family & Friends of Ella Mae and York Street Project.​


Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world and everyone knows someone that has been affected by this disease.


We give back to the local communities we serve in New Jersey and surrounding areas. 


The Bathena Family roots are home to India and helping those living in poverty remain a top priority.

Meet the Team

Vimalakar "Reddy" Bathena

Vimalakar “Reddy” Bathena is Sarala’s husband and he has been an entrepreneur his whole life, before it became fashionable. He is the owner of the Buy-Rite Liquors franchise. Buy-Rite currently has over 55 stores in New Jersey. He is also a real estate investor and developer. His energy and passion for learning and creating things is ever present at his age. He is an avid tennis fan and he enjoys spending time with his three grandsons. After working hard his whole life and becoming successful, he would like to devote more time and energy to help others.

Adithya Bathena

Adithya Bathena joined the family business when Sarala became ill. He left a position in finance, at Johnson & Johnson, so that he could oversee the day-to-day operations while his father took take care of his mother. He is the CEO of Buy-Rite Liquors and he owns 2 stores in NJ: Holmdel & Jersey City. He is also active in overseeing the family’s real estate holdings. He always thought about philanthropy, but the family’s experience with cancer gave him inspiration to think big. Rather than just giving money, Adithya also enjoys meeting the people he is helping and wants to mentor children in need. He went to college at Rutgers University and got his Masters in Real Estate Finance from NYU. He is an avid sports fan who loves to travel, collect wine, and spend time with his three beautiful sons.

Arjun Bathena

Arjun Bathena was a student at Rutgers University, when Sarala became ill. After taking a break from Rutgers University, he finished his studies in Switzerland at Glion Institute with a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing. He too joined the family business in 2015 when he took over Hopewell Super Buy-Rite. He currently owns 2 stores: Hamilton & Hopewell. Arjun’s goal is for philanthropy to the be the key ethos of the family businesses in which they hope to help more people each year.​

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