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About Us

The Sarala Bathena Foundation was started in memory of our dear Sarala, a beloved wife and cherished mother who lost her battle with cancer.  It is because of her spirit and generosity that our goal is and has always been to contribute in any way possible to a better tomorrow for those individuals and families affected by cancer as well as those who continue to make a positive difference everyday in the lives of others.

How we've made a difference

Your past support has allowed us to donate funds to help cancer patients at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital as well as the Red Cross Cancer Hospital in India. The Foundation is also in the process of setting up a scholarship in Jersey City and working with organizations that help at risk youth. 

How we work

We team up with non-profits who share a similar vision and that help the people we feel are in the greatest need. We do not give grants to individuals, but you can make an application and we can always work with your hospital.

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